• L'Architeure d'Aujourd'hui 439
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        L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 439

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      • 90 YEARS, AA AND PARIS (OCTOBRE 2020)

        In November 2020, AA will celebrate its 90th anniversary: ​​90 years of architecture, debates, reports, investigations, 90 years of paper, graphics, photography and drawing – that this issue 439 wishes to celebrate, through a selection of commented archives, like so many treasures which today make all the singularity of this international magazine. For the occasion, this month's report focuses on Paris and the iconic projects of its construction, which have marked both the 20th century and the pages of AA.

        Portrait: Jean Nouvel
        Design: The Union of Modern Artists
        Projects: P. Chareau et B. Bijvoet, the Glass House, 1932; B. Zehrfuss, M. Breuer, P.L. Nervi, Unesco house, 1958; E. Aillaud, Nuages towers, 1981
        Competitions: counter-competition for Les Halles, 1980; La Villette park competition, 1983
        Idea: the suburban school: a tale of unfortunate critical oversight
        Utopia: Paris as it could have been

        Also: AA stories; memorable editorials, forums and reviews; architects tell their AA; advertising in AA; etc.