• Hors série 31 Rémy Marciano Architee
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        Hors série 31 Rémy Marciano Architecte

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      • Architecture is a territory

        More than ever, the art of building must make ‘territory’ and ‘appropriation’ its watchwords. Not one and the other, but one for the other. 
        Until now, the ‘contextualist’ school has turned the surrounding environment into a field of anecdotes and references to defend its sales pitch and legitimise building choices. But the territory is not a mine. On the contrary, it is a school. Therefore, the observer does not have to mine coal beds for ideas but rather respect the teachings of nature. 
        With this objective in mind, Rémy Marciano and his office advocate a genuine psychoanalysis of the territory. His projects grow out of intersecting views and an exploratory approach. By roaming about a site, dialoguing with its inhabitants and understanding its history, he develops a holistic understanding and can grasp the big picture. 
        To enrich this vision and in the interest of quality, projects are designed by many hands and occasionally, in partnership. Composed like an inventory and a collection, this catalogue is at once an architectural promenade and an invitation to go beyond a method to discover the architect’s imagination.
        With contributions by Marie Bovo, Armelle Caron, Bruno Fontana, Luigi Ghirri and Giuseppe Penone.

        This special issue has 144 pages.