• L'Architeure d'Aujourd'hui 205
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        L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 205

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      • In this issue :

        - The Walls of Jericho, by Ch. Dupavillon
        - 1900-1933: The Total Use of Brick: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfort
        - The Merchants of Lübeck and their rhetoric of brick
        - The Thousand and One Brick of the Persian Vault

        Buildings :
        - Three brick exercises. S.Raffone
        - Square house. N.Cosentino
        - Two store projects. SITE
        - Extension of a telephone exchange, Munich. K.Maurer, G.Schlaffer
        - University station and equipment, Louvain-la-Neuve. Y.Lepère
        - Restoration of the Glyptothek, Munich. J.Wiedemann
        - University of Jondishapour, Iran
        - New town of Shustar, Iran
        - Student residence, Pembroke. MLTW / Moore
        - Ghent Square, Norfolk, Virginia. Barton Myers and Ass
        - Bedlow Buck Housing, G.B. Adlington and Craig
        - Center for the Visual Arts, Bowdoin College, Brunswick. E.Larrabee Barnes
        - Housing in Lüdinghausen, H. Pfeiffer
        - Apartment building in Kepellen, Belgium. Silo Ass
        - Functional apartment, French Embassy, New Delhi.R.Rewal
        - Atrium House, Cologne. H.Bienefeld
        - Rocca di Angera house, Lake Maggiore. R.Monzini
        - Civic centre, Hillingdon, London. R.Matthew, Johnson-Marshall
        - Dick house in Troyes. J.Nouvel, D.Tissier
        - House project in Roman Lazio; F Pierluisi, GRAU
        - Single-family house, Hamburg. B.Tonon
        - Headquarters of the Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia. Venturi and Rauch
        - A house near Brussels. L.Kroll
        - Morgenstern Warehouses. E.Owen Moss Inc
        - St. Clare's Convent, Langhorne. Ch.E.Dagit, P.Saylor
        - Housing estate, Höly, Scherz, Switzerland. K.Vogt
        - Community House, Scherz, Switzerland. K.Vogt
        - Air-France Technical Center, Orly. J. and M. Deroche A.U.A
        - House in Tajonar. F.J.Biurrun