• L'Architeure d'Aujourd'hui 206
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        L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 206

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      • Individual housing (December 1979)

        In this issue

        Individual houses

        - The Sense of Individuality
        - House in Glass Brick, Osaka, Japan
        - The Horiuchi Residence, Osaka, Japan
        - Gonzales Teja and Perez de Arminan Houses at Madrid
        - Habit at Tesserete, Switzerland
        - Habitat and atelier for the Architects, Mons, Belgium
        - Zecca House, Palinuro
        - The Bize House, Saint-Gaudens, France
        - Habitat at Versailles, France
        - The Chauvin House near Pianotoli-Caldarello, Corsica
        - A House in the suburbs, France
        - A House at Honfleur, France
        - Residence in Eastern Long Island
        - House at Beverly Hills, California
        - Ceulemans Habitat, Ekeren, Belgium
        - House at Fluy, France
        - Three Houses by Stanley Tigerman
        - Animal Crackers, Highland Park, Illinois
        - House Addition, Highland Park, Illinois
        - The Marion House, Lisle, Illinois
        - Summer House at Greenport, Long Island
        - The Heeren House, Ammersee, Bavaria
        - Villa near Lake Pilsensee, Bavaria
        - The Franken House, Ekeren, Belgium