• L'Architeure d'Aujourd'hui 272
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        L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 272

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        1930-1990 : 60 years of L’Architecture d’aujourd’hui
         (DECEMBER 1990)

        In this issue :

        - Editorial, the critical state, by François Chaslin
        - Clichés and tubards, the perversion of the image, by Henri Bresler
        - Pedagogy, Jacob's ladder, by Pierre Saddy
        - Graphic design, between the lines, by François Vermeil
        - Advertising, sixty years of advertising, by Jean-Claude Garcias
        - From decorative arts to design, by Arlette Barré-Despond
        - Distribution, AA in the world and its sales since 1930

        -AA from yesterday to today, by Rémi Baudouï

        - On the birth of AA, Julius Posener
        - The magazine Chantiers, by Rémi Baudouï
        - A Jewish-Socialist-Boche review? Julius Posener to Jean-Louis Cohen
        - Architect of today or artist? by Jean-Claude Vigato
        - The Argentinian review Arquitectura de Hoy
        - Alexandre Persitz, by Yvette Pontoizeau
        - Casabella and the casus belli, by Jean-Louis Cohen
        - Paris 1960, the project of parallel Paris, by Rémi Baudouï
        - An enemy, Fernand Pouillon, by François Chaslin
        - From the death of Bloc to Expansion, by Yvette Pontoizeau
        - The Architecture review and the AA's defector committee
        - Ojiourdoui, the Russian pirate, by Jean-Louis Cohen

        - Introduction: Reflections, by Jean-Paul Robert
        - 1930-1940, from the creation of the magazine to the war
        - 1945-1990, from the Liberation to recent years.