• L'Architeure d'Aujourd'hui 342
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        L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 342

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      • In this issue :
        - Five ages of glass
        - Blob & Build, bridging the gap to materialise doublecurved façades
        - Conde Nast Cafeteria. NY. Frank O. Gehry and Associates
        - Umbrella Awning. Eric Owen Moss
        - Solar Tube, family home, Vienna. Georges Driendl
        - Town hall at Alphen aan der rijn. Erick van Egeraat Associated Architects
        - Community Center, Mason's Bend, Alabama. The rural studio
        - Green house, museum of zoology, university of Catania. Manfredi Nicoletti
        - Erco storage depot, Ludenscheid. Schneider +Schumacher
        - Hermes building in Tokyo. Renzo Piano Building Workshop
        - Officetower in Dusseldorf. William Alsop Architects
        - Junior, High School, Mader. Baumschlager+Eberle
        - Glass velum at Bad Neustadt. Weber & Donath
        - Glass roof over the ruins of Schloss Juval Castle, Tyrol.
        - Glasshouse competition 2002
        - The maison de verre or modernity in vitro
        - Glass house at Leerdam
        - Pavilion for technical college, Reinbach
        - Transparency between memory and dream
        - The breath of art
        - Without a glass pavilion / Life would be hell
        - On the bridge at Nantes. Barto + Barto