• L'Architeure d'Aujourd'hui 355
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        L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 355

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      • PAVEMENT (NOVEMBER 2004)

        In this issue :
        - Roads seek ways forward, by Antoine Picon
        - Hong Kong Central : Up from the island
        - Beijing Morphing, research project for redevelopment of road network, by Atelier feichang Jianzhu, Yung-Ho Chang et Lu Xiang
        - Infrastructure in the fields : the underscape
        - Lyons and Saint-Etienne show the way for pedestrians
        - Slab architecture: utopia found
        - Slussen competition for redevelopment of road system, Stockholm
        - Asphalt : the real nature of cities
        - Up from the sky, by Alexa Bodammer et Roland Züger
        - Upgrade of city centre public spaces, Namur. Atelier 4D
        - Stations and urban furniture for new tramway. Elizabeth de Portzamparc
        - Pey-Berland, Jean-Moulin & Rohan Places, King Kong architects
        - "Objet(s) Public(s)" for new urban uses
        - Millennium Park, Chicago Illinois