• L'Architeure d'Aujourd'hui 374
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        L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 374

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      • Lacaton & Vassal - U2 - Gehry - JR - De Smedt - Parent - Kéré
        (november 2009)


        In this issue :
        - For a committed magazine by Claude Parent
        - The genealogy of a mountain, by Julien De Smedt
        - The digital invasion, by Odilon Cabat
        - A discussion between Serge Renaudie, Odilon Cabat and Patrice Goulet
        - Not tearing down is a strategy by Frédéric Druot
        - Lacaton & Vassal, the Nantes school of architecture is a manifesto by Patrice Goulet and Nicolas Bourriaud
        - An artistic site, an interview with Christophe Hutin and Bernard Lubat, by Alain Chiaradia
        - At Lubat's you laugh out red, a nomadic column by Francis Marmande
        - Grab life by Bernard Plossu ans François Carrassan
        - Building in Gando, by Francis Kéré
        - The right angle by Yves Bélorgey
        - Gehry seen by Nouvel, the most recent Gehrien pleasures
        - Live from the schools, with the National School of Architecture of Versailles