• L'Architeure d'Aujourd'hui 379
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        L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui 379

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        - "Large cities the world over are faced with similar challenges." Gilberto Kassab
        - The epiphany of Stéphane Maupin
        - Dominique Perrault's metropolitain tales, 20 years of urban projects
        - Métropolis ? by Dominique Perrault
        - All of Bogotá at Andrés Carne de Res
        - For a right to the city, by Marie-Douce Albert and Sheela Patel, photos by Guy Tillim and Christophe Hutin
        - Viewpoint on the city, Felice Varini
        - Tourism : forgotten by Grand Paris ? Cécile Renard
        - Sejima's urban skills
        - Metropolises and urban communities: is the desire for good governance not utopian ? by Michel Micheau
        - Métropolis : Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille
        - Singapour: hub resort city
        - The metropolis in new capitalism, by Agostino Petrillo
        - "Between the futuristic Metropolis image and the truth of the modern city, there is an obvious fact: the city cannot be reduced to a single form of expression." by Frédéric Mitterrand
        - "Jeppe Hein: the other side of the mirror"
        - From ETH Studio Basel